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Integration of equipment
Do not turn off the lights
Do not pull the curtains
Bright, clear
Dustless chalk

Pull down the curtains
Turn off the lights
Turn the projector
Projection exposure eyes
Not see the content
Clutter field devices
Chalk dusty

 Future Classroom


Traditional classroom


Digital high-definition interactive whiteboard

Traditional e-classroom equipment

Integration of a bunch of machines a machine


Equipment List




Function and description

1 OS-DLP72   72-inch Touch pen interactive whiteboard
* Integrated video conferencing, distance learning, high-definition TV, audio
* Resolution: 1920 × 1080/1280 * 720
* Life: more than 100,000 hours
* Size: 1637 × 1144 × 421mm
2 OS-HWWL Wireless Handwriting board
* Wireless 2.4G Digital RF
* 1024 levels pen pressure sensitive
* gave Teaching The software
* USB charging
* Size: 278 * 282 * 20mm
3 OS-BB12 Film of water to clean the blackboard clean green nano
* fresh air
* Writing is easy
* durable
4 OS-CP11

Green water wipe pen
* 100% natural material, non-toxic, odorless, harmless
* no dust pollution
* Dry and Wet Available
* long life

5 OS-CL31 Cap of a pen
* chalk available to the last part of it
* Easy to install
* magnetic can be adsorbed on the board
6 OS-EB10 Board Rub
* sticky Button
* a pull-the split
* easy to clean


Equipment advantages

Product Name

Product Advantages

Digital high-definition interactive whiteboard Digital DLP HDTV system: the TV, projector, whiteboard .Three in one, Can be multi-screen displayDisplay bright and clear, student-teacher interaction, chalk dust, high quality furniture, integrated wiring system. Full HD 16:9 display, easy to install, implement mobile teaching, applicable to any classroom, resolution up to 1080P, the projector lights up to 10,000 hours of time, is also more environmentally friendly fashion
Wireless Handwriting board RF wireless technology combined with 1024 levels of pressure-sensitive paint-order Mirror's sleek lines and dynamic arc curve
Lithium battery charging, lithium ensure efficient liaison work 16 hours, 400 hours long standby
220 points per second write speed, 2.4G wireless technology came
Clean the blackboard The total thickness of 180 ㎛ ± 5, fixed for two liquid type adhesive, thermosetting amine acid acetate adhesive, the board surface to be 3,000 times more resistant to washing test, the board surface to be weathering the test 24 hours, Components without lead, nickel Composition, the white board surface is not reflective screen can be used when the projector (white part can be used when the curtain)
Green water wipe pen 100% no smell, does not contain eight heavy metals (lead, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, selenium) than regulatory limits, the surface of the water board will be left clean of grease and color, when used not indoor temperature Or humidity changes (melting or deformation) of

Cap of a pen

ABS Material Safety Injection Material

Board Rub

Board Rub handle security for the ABS material

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