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OS365 HD Conference is to provide integrated solutions for high-definition life-size image conference system
         Large screen projection system uses the technology of today's popular DLP projection system, the system can guarantee 24x7 hours of continuous operation, using a powerful network graphics controller to display information on different networks, video signals and RGB signals, this product features have the following advantages:
         1, the splicing control system software platform based on Windows 2000 / / XP Chinese operating system, supports a variety of Windows applications; through a dedicated Unix / Linux simulation software can also display Unix / Linux web content
         2, the display unit has a built-in image processor, single-screen interface for all input signals (RGB signals and video signals, and DVI signals) through the projector's built-in processing modules can be directly spliced splicing, multiple screens, mobile, roaming display without the need for additional external image processor
         3, for the display wall mosaic technique used for the unity of the entire screen brightness is very important, direct impact on non-uniform brightness display. NPview S Series DLP display wall unit with embedded system automatically adjusts the brightness of the display wall management and coordination unit has the ability to screen brightness, and by automatically measuring the brightness and built-in database matching, automatic brightness adjustment and make the appropriate compensation, to ensure that Mosaic display wall in the brightness of the display wall unit output line, eliminating the "solar effect" to ensure the uniformity of the entire display wall
        4, the digital brightness compensation system: Each display unit has a 32 × 24 matrices brightness adjustment circuit block, the local brightness can be adjusted so that the brightness of uniform consistency unit is 95%. Multi-screen display is displayed, each display unit of brightness, contrast, color, in good agreement
        5, the traditional rear projection display technology, narrow frequency response, imaging sufficiently sophisticated, it tends to hide subtle distortion. To address this problem and combine the characteristics of DLP ™ technology, NP has successfully developed HDVP (High Definition digital video processing technology), making the analog video and digital video input received considerable image quality. Play the video images more precise and clear as possible to avoid the analog-digital conversion of the signal loss. Significantly improve the quality and improve the subjective quality 
       The six edge DLP
The maximum resolution:  Full HD 1080P high resolution
Maximum brightness:         4000 lumens rather to the whole environment lighting
The most secure:                no radiation, safety glass panel
The most energy:                equipment Province, provincial electricity, maintenance Province
The most eye:                      No glaring light and background, eye protection
The most simple:               the visual style operation, easy to learn and
Adapt to the environment: large conference room, a large research room, research and development base, schools, companies, factories, etc.


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