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     What is video conferencing?
        Video conference system is for people to gather in one place can not be in session, to provide a high-tech communication, collaboration and decision-making of a modern means and solutions. Video conference calls or voice than in an ordinary meeting, for example to see each other's expressions and body language, and can share all kinds of information, which is a voice conference can not Compare. Such as through video communications, people can see each other anywhere in the world, hear, and also exchange any type of file or image. High-speed transmission of information to help you achieve more efficient decision-making and crisis management more quickly. The same event, compared to the previous approach, video conferencing more efficient decision-making, as decision-makers get the information faster, able to communicate with more people to get more opinions and suggestions of participants. For emergencies, but also a more rapid processing

 Video conferencing applications Areas
Government level ExCo

Because many government departments is meeting, travel expenses often become a headache. Multimedia video conferencing technology allows government departments to not only save the high travel costs, but government officials have significant savings in time spent in travel, improving office efficiency

for the more remote and Medical cause not very developed areas,, and how to provide patients with fast and convenient service expert, is the world's problems. Multimedia video conferencing service is the best means to achieve this. Remote use of professional medical equipment, so that specialists from around the multimedia video conference discussion with the disease and guide treatment as possible, and it has been applied in Europe and America and other developed areas
Distance Education Multimedia streaming video conference technology is very suitable for distance learning. Global prevalence of uneven distribution of educational resources as well as the relative shortage of video conferencing applications can greatly increase not only around the equal educational opportunities for students to receive, when in fact, two-way interactive distance education teaching and learning also makes classroom becomes as lively as in person, Efficient. The traditional campus-class-face mode of education because of their nature and characteristics of the cost structure, requires a lot of high-level teachers and huge amounts of money, limiting the traditional education in the short term the possibility of large-scale development, but also the traditional campus-style education is difficult to face to face In a wide range of vocational education, adult education and lifelong implemented. Therefore, the world is to develop modern distance education
Business Areas Multimedia video conferencing is no doubt improve the efficiency of business communication, dealing with emergency business events, business meetings saving travel expenses of the best tools. In a variety of business talks, multimedia video conferencing has played an active role, the two sides can resolve the problem quickly to business events that occur agreement. Caohejing New Technology Development Zone in Shanghai, the multimedia video conferencing system has been widely applied to various multinational corporations often use remote video conferencing systems and multimedia meeting of the Foreign Head Office held a meeting to discuss
Personal Application Everyone in the home, office, hotel, easy to use personal video conferencing system or public video conferencing systems, and thousands of miles away from the friends face to face. It is because of market drivers, video conferencing is moving from business-oriented society to individuals, families, the low-bandwidth multimedia communication systems into the development of hot spots

Integrated solutions Requirements Analysis: The visual communication and video conferencing venues in different locations to achieve interconnection. Each venue in different ways to link to Internet, to achieve point to point audio and video communication, file transfer and multi-point video conferencing. Attending a meeting host can see the video, listen to the moderator to speak. Can share documents, and collaborative browsing web pages.

Programme Features 
Without delay a clear voice advanced audio coding and transmission of a more rational way to make our audio more clear and stable, there is no delay phenomenon. Really make you feel talking face to face
Adapt to a variety of network environments distribution and server support server set associative, better use of bandwidth resources, each room can accommodate more than a thousand. This structure is also better for the government, businesses save expensive bandwidth expenditure
Security audio, video, document data using a standard 256-bit encryption, so your communications or meetings during the time do not have to worry about your information being stolen
Operation humanity as highly visible office systems and video conferencing collaboration software operation is very simple. Application and USB PHONE to make Internet phone calls the same as the convenience of regular telephone calls. Without any of the information and then enter the keyboard can communicate with each other face to face
System Components as the highly visible collaboration server software, office systems, office systems as the high visual collaboration client software


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